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  Shenghua Group Holdings Co., Ltd. (Shenghua Group for short) was established in 1985. Over 30 years arduous efforts, Shenghua Group has become a large state-level holding enterprise based on a tiny chemical plant, and integrates following industries: traditional manufacturing, financial investment, trade flows and mining development, and so on.

  Shenghua Group has made excellent achievements in all these fields, especially in manufacturing sector. The "MOGANSHAN" brand owned by Zhejiang Shenghua Yunfeng Greeneo Co., Ltd. has been the preferred brand of home decoration for consumers, with product range from single decorative boards to full series including board, wardrobe, cabinet, wooden door, floor and scientific and technological wood. Zhejiang Huayuan Pigment Co., Ltd. has become the largest iron oxide manufacturer in Asia and 2nd largest worldwide. Zhejiang Deqing Sublimation Linhang Logistics Co., Ltd. is the largest steel logistics base in East China and Yangtze river delta region now.

  In 2017, Shenghua Group's total revenue was CNY 25 billion, which is historical height, and maintaining steady growth for 27 consecutive years. Shenghua Group has been awarded as: national top 500 manufacturing enterprises, national top 500 private companies, top 100 enterprises and top 50 non-public economies in Zhejiang Province, also “Golden Elephant Enterprise” in Huzhou City.

  With the idea of “Sustainability and social responsibility”, Shenghua Group will be devoted to the acceleration of enterprise upgrade based on scientific & harmonic development both to enterprise and to society, via taking state-of-art innovations, managements and technologies, to reach the goal of "quality improvement and effective growth" with greater social contribution.


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